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I've just joined this community and I sooo hope that this isn't totally dead. So... I'm Kaisa from Finland and I've made the found of my life! \m/ I saw The Pick of Destiny in the spring and liked it. Then I just forgot it untill I saw the DVD in a store... And I bought it. I haven't rested since. It is too unfair for me to live here while the D is on the other side of the world. Crushing.

JB is amazing. He is just too talented to be even real. The movie and their music has even got me into playing guitar again. I played many years ago but I quit... Now it's time to start jamming again. Or at least try!

So, I was doing some googleing (or how should it be written x)) and found this about JB... Is there someone who actually knows something about him? Well, anyways:

"Is struggling to keep his obsessive compulsive disorder under control - he even instructs friends on how to knock on his door. (January 3, 2006)" from http://www.celebritywonder.com/html/jackblack.html

It doesn't matter though, everyone has to have something, you know.

How often does D make new albums? If I'm ever gonna go to America (AND I TOTALLY AM!), I'm so gonna go to their show! ...hopefully.

They will help me through the dark and cold winter. Thanks for this community, I'll go and continue reading... Cheers! Rock on! \m/
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